The Process

  • First you will need to gather as much of the following information as possible:

                  *Defendant's Name 

                  *Defendant's Date of Birth

                  *Where the Defendant is being held

                  *Charge & Bond Amount (We can get this information from the jail)

  • Who will be co-signing (the Indemnitor)?

                 *The Indemnitor is responsible for making sure the Defendant appears in court.

                 *This person must have a stable job and home address.

                 *This person is liable until the Defendant's case is disposed of by the courts.

  • Contact us at (832)595-2789 (CRUZ)

               *We will fill out the necessary paperwork with you to take to the jail for release.

               *A non-refundable bail bond premium will be paid at this time.      

               *The Defendant will come back and fill out their portion of the paperwork.         

Our licensed agents will make sure you have a payment plan that meets your needs.  Contact one of our agents right now at (832)595-CRUZ.